Data Backup

If there are two things that you need to know about data storage it is this:

  • Redundancy is important.
  • Redundancy is important.

Time is money. If you lose time redoing work, waiting for data recovery services and looking for data, you are losing money. A strategic backup plan is a vital part of a disaster recovery plan.

We have partnered with iDrive, and industry leader in cloud backup services. We can make local and internet based backups on an hourly or daily basis. Regardless of the size of your data, we can make sure that it is safe and secure from accidental loss, deletion, drive failure or virus infection/destruction.

iDrive allows us to make incremental backups of your files, with revisioning, so that you will be able to recover the last 10 revisions of your files. ┬áiDrive also implements military grade security so prying eyes won’t have access to your sensitive files.

A 50 gigabyte cloud backup starts at just $49/year. Custom backups are available, and we can help you set up a backup plan that is right for you.